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Gab At A Glance: Red Bulls Recap

MLS: FC Cincinnati at New York Red Bulls Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

In a new feature at OaM, our podcast correspondent Ross Haley will periodically give us a brief taste of some of the spiciest conversations happening in the vast landscape of New York Red Bulls fan podcasts.

Red Bulls Recap does call-in episodes after every match, surveying the fan base for opinions and answering questions. Here’s a clip from their recent episode S2.M2 following the match against Real Salt Lake.

MLS: New York Red Bulls at Atlanta United FC Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Harold: We’re back and taking your calls. If you want to sound off, you know the number, so dial in and hit us up.

Bill: We want to hear from YOU.

Harold: That’s right. So just call in. All you have to do is press the buttons. Do you want to talk about Chris Armas? The back line? Maybe you want to praise the goalkeeping of David Jensen. But if you dial in, we will talk about it.

Bill: Sometimes I remember back when there was no post-game call-in show, but now there is and it’s an open forum for any fans who want to talk about the Red Bulls. You call in and we answer.

Harold: Drive-time radio, but for American soccer. It’s brilliant! Everyone should call in now. You know the number. You just have to reach us and your call will be broadcast live over Stitcher, YouTube, and Tune In.

Bill: And the recap will be streamed everywhere podcasts can be streamed, but you have to call in. We are waiting. There’s nothing holding you back. And there’s nothing better than getting into some discourse after a result like this. Plenty of blame and praise to go around.

Harold: That’s right, Bill. And I’m sure all of you have plenty of things to talk about and just can’t wait to get into it with us. Do you want to talk about Alex Muyl, Sean Davis, Omir Fernan- Why, I think we have a… oh, nope. Thought we did. Never mind. That means the lines are open and we are waiting for you.

Bill: So if you would like to call in and discuss this match, the match before it, the next match, last season, anything and everything about the Red Bulls, all you have to do is call in. Just press the buttons on your phone-

Harold: Or text-to-speech.

Bill: What was that?

Harold: Text-to-speech. You say the number or name into your phone and it makes the call for you.

Bill: Wow. That’s impressive. So there’s really nothing holding anyone back from calling in right now and engaging in the discourse. Just really mashing it up with the boys on Red Bulls Recap, YOUR home for post-match discourse.

Harold: Jump in at any time, guys. We are waiting for you. If you want to talk about New York Red Bulls II, the Academy, Red Bull Leipzig, Red Bull Salzburg, Red Brasil, Red Bull Ghana.

Rangnick starts bicycle project for children Photo by Jan Woitas/picture alliance via Getty Images

Bill: Anything you guys want to discuss. Major League Soccer, U.S. Soccer, women’s soccer, European soccer, South American soccer, Asian soccer, African soccer, stadium concessions, local restaurants. Anything you want to discuss, we are here to talk about it with you.

Harold: The lines are open and we are waiting. We purchased the call-in equipment, we hired a producer so we could go live after matches and we are ready to discuss the Red Bulls. Let’s not make this a repeat of last week where nobody called in.

Bill: Or the week before.

Harold: Or all of last season. The fans on Twitter and Facebook said they wanted more content and a place to voice their opinion and we are here for you. So let’s light up that switchboard.

[Awkward silence.]

Harold: Well, while we wait for everyone to call in, do you want to discuss the match?

Bill: Oh, no, I didn’t watch. You?

Harold: Nah.

The hosts of Red Bulls Recap have since attempted unsuccessful podcasts on Knicks basketball, movies, and vegan living before losing an incredible amount of money in cryptocurrency.

New York Red Bulls Vs Columbus Crew SC Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images