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Chris Heck Can't Do Nothin' Right

The moment's two most popular Red Bulls.
The moment's two most popular Red Bulls.

Whether or not you think Chris Heck, the Red Bulls embattled president, deserves the benefit of time or not, what Heck told the Wall Street Journal Wednesday was just colossally stupid.

"I'm so glad, on the business perspective, that we haven't won yet," said Heck, a former NBA executive who joined the Red Bulls in 2011. "Because I don't believe we have been ready. My hope, and our drive, is that we are championship ready by the end of this season."

Is that really the message you, Chris Heck, the subject of "Chris Heck Hates Soccer Fans" t-shirts, want to be sending the fans of a team that's experienced more futility than success in its 17 year existence?

Of course, he's talking from a business perspective -- which doesn't really make much sense anyway, since winning will put butts in the seats -- but if it's his "hope" that the team is championship ready by the end of this season, he's showing a laughable lack of understanding when it comes to how talented this squad is. Because having the two highest scorers in the league, a promising young goalkeeper, an MLS backline stalwart (when he's healthy, anyway), one of the most exciting young players in American soccer and a slew of other players with big time soccer experience means the team "isn't quite ready yet."

So the guys on the field is talented enough to compete for a cup, but the Red Bulls aren't ready from a "business perspective?" What does that even mean?