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Sunday "Officially" a Sellout

A healthy skepticism is necessary when talking about Red Bulls attendance numbers, because as plenty of people could tell you, the team seems to inflate the numbers. That this is standing operating procedure across pro sports doesn't help much; the Red Bulls still have to fight for a share of mind in New York and acting like there are 15,000 people at a game when it looks like there are a few thousand less just looks, or at least feels, like propaganda. Not to mention that it looks/feels like propaganda handed down by public enemy #1 Chris Heck.

But the team just put out a press release hailing Sunday's Atlantic Cup match-up against D.C. United as a sellout.

Ok, ok, fine. Healthy skepticism. But couple that release with Big Apple Soccer's report earlier this week from a league source that Sunday is going to draw the biggest crowd in Red Bull Arena history and you've got yourself a pretty convincing case.

Still, skepticism. But the Red Bulls have been surprising as of late, so maybe there's some hope here.