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Henry Jetsets to Barcelona

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Henry at Barcelona training via <a href="!/RogerSaperas">Roger Saperas</a>.
Henry at Barcelona training via Roger Saperas.

Apparently Thierry Henry's got quite a few frequent flyer miles.

A few pictures tweeted by Ives Galarcep earlier today show Henry at Barcelona's training session.

Rumor is, Henry is in Spain visiting fellow Frenchman and Barca defender Eric Abidal, who underwent a liver transplant two weeks ago, similar to how he flew out to England to visit with Fabrice Muamba after he collapsed in an FA Cup tie with Tottenham Hotspur. He's also going to catch the Chelsea-Barca Champions League semi-final match tomorrow.

Is Henry ok to do as he pleases so long as he keeps playing the way he is, or is he out of line jetting across the Atlantic for the second time this year?