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Some Clarity on Tim Cahill's Goal

In case you missed it, the Red Bulls 3-2 comeback victory over the Portland Timbers wasn't without controversy.

The goal that Tim Cahill opened his New York account with seemed like it was blown dead for a penalty on a handball in the box. But it wasn't and the goal counted.

Thankfully, a "referee pool reporter" -- a reporter designated by each team to ask questions of the referee post-game, it seems -- got an explaination from the man in question, Jason Anno...

Pool Reporter Question: On the Red Bulls' second goal, what did you see on the play?

Answer: On the second goal, No. 11 McCarty took a shot and it redirected off a Portland player to No. 17 Cahill who shot and scored.

Pool Reporter Question: Did you blow your whistle?

Answer: Yes, when the ball entered the goal.

Pool Reporter Question: In your view, was it an advantage play?

Answer: Yes.

Whether or not these "pool reporter" quotes are supposed to get out or not, I guess it's nice to have an explanation.