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Meara Has Season-Ending Surgery

Bailing the Bulls out. Again.
Bailing the Bulls out. Again.

It was kind of miraculous.

The Red Bulls, hobbled by goalkeeping issues for some time now, found a solid number 1 in Ryan Meara, a 21-year-old Yonkers-born, Bronx educated local boy. He played so well, he was getting attention from the Irish under-21s and was a the top of most people's Rookie of the Year ballots.

But one rough day in Foxboro -- in a rough decade of them for the Red Bulls -- and his outstanding season is over.

This afternoon, Meara underwent arthroscopic hip surgery that's ended his season. According to Dave Martinez at Empire of Soccer, the surgery was successful, or at least had "gone well."

Thankfully, the team still has Bill Gaudette and Luis Robles to fill in, but Meara was a revelation in goal and a great story to boot.