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Henry, Cahill Among League's Best Selling Shirts

These two are on the backs of many an MLS fan.
These two are on the backs of many an MLS fan.

Today, the league released the top selling jerseys from the MLS store's US and Canadian sites and club websites. Not surprisingly, the LA Galaxy's David Beckham is first, but in a bit of a surprise, Thierry Henry ranks second, ahead of Landon Donovan.

Tim Cahill, who's only been in the league about a month, comes in at number seven, beating out fellow DP Robbie Keane.

Henry's slot, along with Cahill's place in the top 10 suggests a pretty heavy foreign influence -- it's hard to imagine Henry, as classy as he is, topping the country's most visible domestic talent -- but they didn't include geographical data so we'll never know.

The top 10:

  1. Beckham, LAG
  2. Henry, RBNY
  3. Donovan, LAG
  4. Fredy Montero, SEA
  5. Dwayne De Rosario, DC
  6. Chris Wondolowski, SJ
  7. Cahill, RBNY
  8. Keane, LAG
  9. Mauro Rosales, SEA
  10. Brian Ching, HOUR

The full list, including all 25, is here.