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Pearce Out For Season With Hip Injury, Backline Questions Clear Up

Heath Pearce is out for the season with a knock, which also serves the purpose of clearing up the Red Bulls line-up for Sunday's game.


Soccer By Ives has the scoop on Heath Pearce undergoing season-ending, and possibly Red-Bulls-career-ending, surgery.

The report says Pearce has been nursing the injury for the better part of two years, which certainly explains his dip in form this season.

A lot of hay has been made on Pearce's apparent attitude -- likely from the same people who over analyze Henry's shrugging -- but it's got to be frustrating when you're a former national team defender whose hip is increasingly bothersome and is having a hard time playing as well as he can.

Meanwhile, the questions on the flanks ahead of Sunday's match-up with the Houston Dynamo are cleared up. Head Coach Mike Petke considered starting Pearce or Markus Holgersson at right back and Jonny Steele or Connor Lade at left back. With Pearce and Digao hurt (surprise, surprise) Holgersson will have to shift back to the middle, next to Jamison Olave with either Kosuke Kimura or Brandon Barklage on the right. Reports out of practice suggest Lade will get his first start at left back.

Matt Miazga, the 18-year-old academy signing, who I noted might be pressed into duty before either of his teenage counterparts, will be in the game day 18, as he's the only centerback left to fill in.