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What We Know, What We Don't Know and What We Think We Might Know: Montreal Impact Edition

Let's test our knowledge heading into this week's match-up with the Montreal Impact.


Here's what we know:

Everyone's favorite surely Frenchman hasn’t scored in four and a half games. This wouldn’t be nearly as worrisome if we had any one else helping out up top. Luckily, Henry seems to do well against the Impact... Just look what happened the last time the two teams met.

  • Di Vaio is a pain in our back line.

Just as Henry seems to enjoy playing against Montreal, so it goes with Marco Di Vaio against New York. The former Italian international hasn’t had much resistance when going up against our back line. He easily beat Holgersson for a goal in the two teams' first match up in Montreal and then gave the entire back line fits as he entered the game as a late sub during their second meeting. Di Vaio seems to have been born off side, but he only needs the flag to stay down once to punish us.

A team that appeared to be a lock for first in the Eastern Conference and a pretty good shot at the Supporter's Shield have looked less than impressive as of late. I'm blaming Justin Mapp's hair. Taking a loss at home against Colorado and a draw against faltering Chivas (and a terrible Toronto side) has made the Impact look mortal. Having two games in hand means New York can, should and, dare I say, must win. It's a classic six pointer, ya'll!!!!

Here’s what we don’t know:

  • What's our back line going to look like?

With Mike Petke and Robin Fraser at the helm, I’m sure we all thought that defense would be the last of this team’s problems. Egg on our face, right? Our center back pairing hasn’t been terrible thanks to Jamison Olave’s beast mode work ethic, but Holgersson has been a bit inconsistent. (unless you count at least one terrible clearance a game "consistent") With Heath Pearce out for the season and Roy Miller (I still can’t believe I actually miss that guy) away on international duty, we have very few options at left back. Connor Lade clearly has some rust and Kosuke Kimura might not be cut out for that (or any other) position. While I doubt Ibrahim Sekagya sees the pitch this week, could it be possible that Holgersson is, in fact, on his way to right back?

  • Who's going to help Henry?

This is a two parter. The first being: who starts up top? Does Petke go with Fabian Espindola again? The guy seems to run on a perpetual motion engine, but that hasn’t helped him score consistently. He has killed more attacks on the dribble than he’s helped to finish and seems to be in some kind of "depressed striker K-hole." Then there’s good old Peguy "how long can we blame this on fitness" Luyindula. He’s shown some flashes of skill and decent holdup play, but the guy just needs to put one away already.

The second part being: Who’s going to service our stud forward? Is it me or is Henry drifting farther and farther back each game? I could have sworn he was starting most of our nonexistent attacks against Colorado from the center back position. I’m guessing he’ll be playing keeper by 8:15pm on Saturday night. Watch your back, Robles.

Here’s what we think we might know:

  • Transfer season is upon us.

Digao will surely be cut now…right? Guys? Anyone?

  • YSA; Will it stay or will it go?

If we see more than 18,000 in attendance this weekend, we’ll know at least 6,000 people have the same question. Thanks for the sudden interest, Media! Regardless of the controversy, the chant hasn't been nearly as prevalent this season as it has in years past. I assume it's slow death will continue this Saturday. Nothing to see here, folks. Keep moving.