Red Bulls Host "Sleep Out" Event to End Youth Homelessness

The Red Bulls and nationally renowned charity, Covenant House, will host a "Sleep Out" event on Friday, October 17th at 7 PM at Red Bull Arena. The event gathers young adult soccer players 18 years and older to sleep out at the arena behind the turnstiles in the covered concourse area to raise awareness of youth homelessness.

The donations for this event can be made directly to Covenant House at their website. The participants will meet with residents of Covenant House programs who were living on the streets at one point. The event is meant to foster solidarity with the children and teens that find themselves with no place to live.

The "Sleep Out" is meant to be a serious event and not a party or celebratory type of atmosphere. The participants will be secured by arena management and the local law enforcement. The event will end with a modest breakfast at 7 AM on the morning of Saturday October 18th.

The use of Red Bull Arena will allow for a larger turnout for the event, and represents the dedication of the team to the community. All proceeds will go toward programs for Covenant House to help homeless youth and teens in the NY/ NJ Metro area.

To learn more about the event or how you can get involved please visit the Red Bulls website or the Covenant House website. Thank you Red Bulls fans!

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