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Report: Junior Flemmings says he will join New York Red Bulls in January

Will he be joining RBNY for a trial or a contract is the question.

Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

He didn't actually say "signed", not as far as this listener can tell from repeated playing of the audio of an interview young Jamaican Junior Flemmings gave in his home country shortly after tallying his fifth goal of the current Red Stripe Premier League season. What he actually said was he would be leaving Jamaica in January to "take part in the New York Red Bulls" - or that's what I hear over the not inconsiderable background noise on the tape.

His words at least put an end to the confusion over whether Flemmings would return to RBNY. He was on trial with the team earlier this year, and received favorable reviews. Jesse Marsch suggested the forward might be back for another run with the Red Bulls, but a subsequent report out of Jamaica said Flemmings was heading to college in January. Then there was a hint he might be planning on turning pro.

Now we have the clearest indication of Flemming's plans yet: he's coming back to RBNY in January. Has he signed with the team? Some people think so:

But right now Once A Metro cannot say it has heard the same. What we have heard is a player stating clearly that he's heading to RBNY in January - and perhaps it is being unnecessarily pedantic to note he didn't actually say he'd already committed to a contract.

What we know is Flemmings happens to be one of the most highly-rated players to emerge from the Jamaican schoolboy soccer scene in recent years, and a recent call-up to the Jamaica national team. And he'll be with RBNY early in 2016,  for a reason we will surely know soon enough.