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Report: Dax McCarty addresses Montreal spat with Karl Ouimette

The captain provides his take on his brouhaha with Ouimette in Montreal...

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

You may recall there was a little Bull-on-Bull action during RBNY's mid-week match in Montreal. Karl Ouimette and Dax McCarty appeared to be on the verge of a full-on brawl, after the young defender let his mind wander at a crucial moment of the game and his captain stepped in to talk to him about it.

Post-match, as reported by Empire of Soccer, Karl Ouimette provided some soothing perspective:

The level of emotion is high during a match. Such misunderstandings can occur between teammates. We form a good team and the players push each other to become better.

But what about the captain? We've not heard from Dax on the subject - until now. During the team's Friday training session, McCarty was finally persuaded to open up about what happened between him and Ouimette in Montreal. Per's Eric Giacometti:

Well played, Dax. Well played.

A captain's job is to enforce tactics on the field. Sometimes that enforcement might not be well received by a teammate. This team is accustomed to the tough love school of soccer captaincy: it was the preferred methodology of Thierry Henry. McCarty would appear to be cut from similar cloth.

But what happens between teammates ought to stay between them - even if a TV audience witnessed the whole thing. The only concern about the McCarty-Ouimette clash is that it might be illustrative of rifts within the squad. Ouimette's professional response post-game settled some of those concerns; McCarty's inspired tale puts them to rest.

Nothing to see here except the captain's dirty jersey and Ouimette's sweaty ears. We move on.