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Stories for a Rainy Day

With heavy rains expected in the northeast there are bound to be weather delays. What better way to pass the time than relive the not so recent past.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Origins of Once a Metro

Five and a half years ago, Once a Metro went live with its first post. That's right, on March 16, 2010 this fledgling website cast off all lines and set sail on the world wide internet in search of fame and fortune. The latest feature in great things to come into existence on March 16th. An elite club including Jerry Lewis, Scott Baio, Flavor Flav, and Yours Truly. Do you remember 2010 you? Cause I sure as heck remember 2010 me.

2010 RJD

2010 Hamburger Me

2010 me was a truly disgusting humanoid. I digress.

When Once a Metro first launched it wasn't the lean, mean, information machine that you see today. One dude (Chris Celletti) did all of the posts for its first 3 months of existence, including a Del Piero to New York feature. Good ole' Del Piero, he's old enough to play for NYCFC, you know!

The first "Where are they Now?" post surfaces in June of 2010 and you are left with more questions than when you clicked it 5 years ago.

- Does Tony Meola still have a mortgage firm or has it been sold to an intermediary?

- Has Tab Ramos ever drank Tab?

- Who is A.J. Wood?

Since then, the popularity of soccer has grown by leaps and bounds in the United States. The coverage has been ratcheted up as well.

Once a Metro posts

2010 - 94

2011 - 256

2012 - 307

2013 - 335

2014 - 732

2015 - 1786 (so far)

Do we have enough posts for a hoverboard yet?

Roberto Donadoni

Next to Tony Meola, my favorite Metro.

I love the Donadoni "Pasta" story like any other MetroStar. Not familiar? The story goes like so: Donadoni arrives in America and is subjected to the obligatory team pasta dinner. YOU GOTTA CARB UP BEFORE A GAME! So displeased with the American slop we call spaghetti, he arranges shipments of the real thing (Kinda reminds me of the movie Goodfellas) and is present in hotel kitchens throughout the country to oversee its preparation. Here's the Jack Black of soccer to tell the story in his own, um... way.

Another Donadoni thing is this blazing hot take from George Vecsey of the New York Times, May 7, 1996

"But midfielders like Roberto Donadoni do not score goals regularly, so how can he catch the attention of the American public? The so-called ethnics and the under-30 crowd could appreciate the two arching missiles that landed at the feet of his left wing, and the cannonball of a free kick that missed the goal by inches."


"He will not captivate the American public by sheer magnitude like Alberto Tomba, the skier whom I once observed at an Italian party up in the Norwegian hills during the 1994 Winter Games. Tomba had to work the room, observe every patron, control the scene, but Donadoni was happy to be unobtrusive."

Vecsey is a bougie ass. Moving on.

The 2003 US Open Cup

2003 was a great year, probably the best year ever.

The first year I had a real FIFA game. With what I thought was the coolest soundtrack ever.

The OC debuted, Garry Shandling hosted the Emmys and the Red Bulls went sick in the US Open Cup.

After a 4-0 victory over the Mid Michigan Bucks and a 4-3 triumph over Columbus in the third and fourth rounds of the  2003 Open Cup, the stage was set for a face off against New England in the quarterfinals. From the State University of New Jersey (Rutgers), at Yurcak Field, Clint Mathis bulged the onion bag in the 29th minute only to have the Revs' (Revs's?) current head coach, Jay Heaps equalize in the 47th. describes the ensuing run of play as follows:

"The teams went into golden goal overtime, where the Revs' Troll Franchino decided to punch ex-teammate Clint Mathis. Both were ejected, the teams were down to ten, and it was up to Guevara to play hero. El Lobo struck off a Mike Magee corner kick in the second extra time period to move Metro to the semifinals with a 2:1 victory."

Troll is not his real name is it?

Anyway, the Atlantic Cup rivalry would be renewed with an NY-DC tie hosted by Rutgers, once again. With Jonny Walker presiding in goal, NY was able to keep walking when things were in doubt. (I KNOW, RIGHT!) Goals scored by DC in 18', NY in 20', NY in 43', DC in 76' and NY in 88' (Thank You John Wolyniec).

And then came the final. #NewYorkSoccerProblems

Stay dry, my friends.