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Once A Metro Productions presents: House of Raccoons

A chilling truth about DC United is exposed. Fortunately, Jesse Marsch is around to do the only thing that can be done about it.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

It is a rivalry as old as MLS: New York Red Bulls (formerly MetroStars) vs D.C. United. But some suspect the influence animating DCU, and fomenting RBNY fans to shout against it, may have been around a little longer than a mere soccer league.

Assisted by crack investigator Jesse Marsch, JasonRBNY shines a light on some of history's darker corners and finds evidence to suggest DCU is just one of the more recent schemes devised by a persistent and long-running conspiracy.

But it is one thing to identify an entrenched and influential cabal, quite another to be able to do anything about it. There are times, dear reader, when the cause of justice can only be served by adopting the same tactics as those who seek to subvert it. That is a hard line to take and an even harder one to sell, but it is the difficult stories that OaM Productions is here to tell. And this troubling truth must be uncovered for all to see.

With thanks to @JasonRBNY and @101Singer for doing the work necessary to bring this tale to light, OaM Productions presents House of Raccoons: the uncomfortable truth about DCU.

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