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Feuerstein’s Fire #334 on Once a Metro

American Soccer Talk with some Red Bulls in it

Feuerstein’s Fire on Once a Metro

Once again the Feuerstein’s Fire American Soccer Show is on and ready to discuss the American Game along with some Red Bulls from the past weekend to have some fun. But I want to thank my listeners as well as those readers who listen to my show.

Over the weekend I have reached over 150,000+ listeners and I couldn’t have done it without all of you who enjoy reading my articles and enjoying my show, so thank you so much to all of you that have helped make this show a success.

So with the news about Dom Dwyer making a move back to Orlando City, the magic kingdom was so happy and so thrilled to have him back playing since those USL days, discussing it with the guys at the Mane Land on it.

Also had on Alicia Rodriguez talking about Bob Bradley as the first head coach in LA FC history as the head writer of Angels on Parade joins me in a chat to discuss the hiring as well as the new stadium being built.

In the 2nd Division Segment Bruce Silverman the Television play by Play voice of Miami FC discusses their first NASL Spring Season title and getting ready for the make up date of their US Open Cup Quarterfinal match at home against the USL’s FC Cincinnati.

Please watch that match this coming Wednesday as that match will determine where the New York Red Bulls will travel to and on which date in August. That should be an interesting match.

Then the recap on the total destruction of the Montreal Impact by the Red Bulls with a four goal clean sheet victory. This should be an excellent show with a lot of fun moments to talk about.


MICHAEL CITRO: Head writer and site operator of the Mane Land on Dom Dwyer
ALICIA RODRIGUEZ: Of Angels on Parade as she discusses Bob Bradley as 1st coach
BRUCE SILVERMAN: TV Play by Play voice of Miami FC winning NASL Spring Season
RED BULLS HOUR: Recapping the four goal clean sheets victory over Montreal Impact