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Red Bulls aware of new explosive Orlando City tandem

With Dom Dwyer paired up top with Cyle Larin and Kaka behind, Red Bulls have to be aware of this new attack.

MLS: Orlando City SC at Montreal Impact
The new trio of danger as the Red Bulls must be ready for Orlando City
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to take the taste of the loss at NYCFC out of your mouths so the club can have some positive feelings after the weekend. It’s never good to lose to your rivals within the NYC Tri-State Area, so that means a trip by the purple lions to Red Bull Arena could be a quick cure.

But now the side that plays their matches close to the Magic Kingdom has upped the ante. In a surprising move during the MLS summer transfer window Orlando City made a big splash by bringing back Dom Dwyer from Sporting Kansas City where he use to play in Orlando during their USL days.

“We know that Dom (Dwyer) is a scoring machine I always love the way he plays hard it’s always great to play against the best players in this league and how we can compare ourselves to try and be like them.”

Jesse Marsch did hear about the rumors of Dom Dwyer being shopped around the transfer window, but when the asking price by Sporting Kansas City was being floated around, Marsch decided not to bite on it.

“We heard that Dwyer was potentially moving on either internationally or within the league, we visited the possibility of bringing him in here.” said Marsch, “Then the numbers started being reported and it seemed like a lot. The numbers are very surprising and obviously the money being tossed around this league has grown immensely.

It’s really hard to figure out what players value are within the league. $400,000 for Dax (McCarty) seven months ago seemed like a lot of money and now it looks like it’s for less. That makes it scary about what it could be six months for now with TAM injected.

It’s good for the players and it’s good for salaries going up because they work so hard getting better at their game.”

He is now paired with Canadian International Cyle Larin and behind them is former Brazilian International Kaka who have already shown in their last match at Montreal how potent they have become within a matter of weeks. Easily the biggest challenge for Jesse Marsch after trying to handle David Villa.

“It hasn’t quite clicked yet and that’s not surprising as they only played together twice so our goal is that we don’t let them light a spark in this game.” said Marsch, “That we make sure that we put them into another hard game, Orlando is desperate and they haven’t done well on the road, their record isn’t great, their third road game in a row and we need to make it difficult on them.”

How does Felipe feel about facing his countryman who has played for their National Team.

“It’s great to face Kaka, but when we kick off and the whistle blows it’s me against him or me against everyone.” said Felipe, “I just like to think that of course we are going to respect him, but on the field we play for our teams and we want to beat him.”

And now just before the summer transfer window closed Orlando City was able to trade Luis Gil and TAM to the Colorado Rapids for Dillon Powers. What type of added dimension will he bring to Orlando City if he does get used on Saturday? We shall see.

Of course this will be a tough time without Daniel Royer who is on the shelf with his hyper extension of his right knee that he suffered at Yankee Stadium, he will be week to week which means he will miss this match and the road trip to Cincinnati in the US Open Cup Semi-Finals.

“I doubt that (Daniel) Royer will be ready for the US Open Cup game in Cincinnati, but he’s doing great. Much better than any of us could’ve hoped, it’s getting better and each day he comes in he looks better and better.” said Marsch, “Not just baby steps, but improving well, those are good signs.”

So head on down to Red Bull Arena and get ready for this big league match up as they will try to get back on the winning side of the ledger, then head over to the state of Ohio and play a huge Semi-Final against FC Cincinnati.