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Reports: Tyler Adams’ first day at work in Leipzig went pretty well

First hurdle cleared for Tyler Adams at RB Leipzig.

Chivas v New York RB - CONCACAF Champions League 2018 Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images

Tyler Adams is not RB Leipzig’s only new signing of the 2019 January transfer window, but he is the only one fit and ready to train right now - which meant he was always likely to field a lot of attention on RBL’s first day of its January training camp.

RBL opened its two-week winter training stint with a public session in front of about 500 fans. The session didn’t just serve to introduce Adams to his new teammates and RBL supporters, it also illustrated just how badly the squad needs reinforcements: five players - including Adam’s fellow new recruit, Amadou Haidara - are currently unavailable for various reasons, leaving Leipzig with just 18 outfield players for the first team’s opening practice of the new year.

There may be further additions to the squad before the transfer window closes, or there may not. For now, Adams is all RBL has by way of fresh faces to bolster the team’s preparations for the second half of its season. Both he and Leipzig are making the most of it.

Adams does have the reassuring presence of his former RBNY head coach in training to help him settle in.

And as he noted in his post-training press conference, playing football is the easiest part of his transition to new surroundings.

He got an early introduction to the challenges of playing in winter weather, requiring a change of boots partway through the session.

He has some new coaches to impress, including Ralf Rangnick, the architect of the Red Bull Global Soccer system in which Adams has flourished to date.

But he charmed his new audience with a short burst of German to open his conversation with local reporters, before settling in to the sort of polished press session he’s honed over several years with RBNY.

So far, so good for Tyler Adams in Leipzig.

The squad is preparing for a friendly with Galatasaray on January 12 before re-starting its Bundesliga season with a home game against Borussia Dortmund on January 19.