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MLS Reschedules New York Red Bulls' Clash With LA Galaxy

Sunday is going to be wet. Stay safe, folks.
Sunday is going to be wet. Stay safe, folks.

MLS announced this evening that the New York Red Bulls' match against the Los Angeles Galaxy, originally scheduled for Sunday, August 28, at 7 PM, has been switched to Tuesday, October 4, at 8 PM because the Little League World Series is by far the most important sporting event in the history of the world.*

The change was due to the potential impact of Hurricane Irene, which is expected to reach the New York area Saturday night or Sunday, bringing with it high winds, heavy rain, and Weather Channel hyperbole. Unfortunately for the Red Bulls, the rescheduled game is now just three days after a key game away to Toronto FC on October 1, and will mean that New York has only played one home game and just three matches in August after a jam-packed schedule in June and July.

As there is no game on Sunday, there will be no match thread. However, we will have an open Hurricane/Weekend Sports thread for shared misinformation-giving and rambling. Stay safe, stay dry, and stay home to watch some football.

*The game probably could have been switched to this Saturday, but since it was going to be (and still will be) on ESPN2, MLS was likely forced to do their bidding.