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So We're in for Kaka, too? Or How You Need to Start Hiring Red Bulls Beat Writers

Guys, he's coming. Seriously. No fooling this time.
Guys, he's coming. Seriously. No fooling this time.

So the ink hasn't yet dried on the Tim Cahill contract, and the Daily News is reporting not only have the Red Bulls signed the Everton legend, but, Erik Soler is looking for buyers for embattled Rafael Marquez so he can bring in Real Madrid star Kaka.

If we can go back in time for a second, the Red Bulls have been connected, however tenuously, to Kaka for some time now. Once A Metro Managing Editor/Fearless Leader Ben Schneider captioned a picture back in November "Kaka is not signing with the Red Bulls. Chill." More recently, Kaka expressed his affinity for the league and bought an apartment in Midtown.

This week, it came out that the Red Bulls had the highest bid in for the Brazilian and Spanish sports newspaper (that specializes in following Real Madrid) Marca ran a font page headline that, when run through Google Translate, says "Red Bull Gives Wings to Kaka."

Also, this isn't the first time Marquez looked out of the Red Bulls' picture. In December, the Mexican was on his way to Brazil to play for Flamengo. In April he was off to LA to play for Chivas USA. The Heath Pearce deal started as Marquez-for-Pearce, but ended Agudelo-for-Pearce.

This whole thing is a bit like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, two great tastes that taste great together. Especailly if, to my knowledge, your paper does not employ a Red Bulls beat writer (feel free to call me out in the comments).

Because here's the thing: On the latest episode of Seeing Red, Dave Martinez alluded to the same exact thing. At about 16:26 he says...

I found out some interesting information, if you remember a couple of months ago there was some scuttlebutt about Rafa moving on. I got it off a pretty good source that that was pretty close to actually happening. If there was any interest, and that is the main key to this happening, he makes $5 million a year, a lot of Mexican teams can't necessarily afford that and I didn't think the Red Bulls want to necessarily take that hit.

So there you go and the Daily News is a bit like the kid who showed up late to the party. We've all been around this particular block before and the Daily News is just jumping on this trend. Dude, Pokemon isn't cool anymore. Everyone's playing Yu Gi Oh.