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Marquez to Chivas (USA)?

Wishful thinking, huh?
Wishful thinking, huh?

If I told you Red Bulls public enemy #1 Rafael Marquez was on his way out, would it make the Atlantic Cup loss to D.C. United over the weekend sting a little bit less?

File this away in your "it's a serious long shot" bin but an ESPN Deportes report from Rafael Ramos last week suggested Chivas USA is moving in on the Mexican international. The tweet, cited on the MLS Sideline Blog by Simon Borg, suggests the Red Bulls and Chivas will split Marquez's wages 50/50.

There's a myriad of reasons this move won't happen. Primary among them is that Marquez came to the fore with Atlas -- a club he was connected to in the off-season -- a local rival of Chivas' "parent" club, C.D. Guadalajara. It also doesn't help that Marquez's face is on 1.3 million cans of Red Bull. Chivas is also notoriously a cheapskate organization, too, and splitting Marques'z $4.6 million salary between New York and LA would almost double Chivas' 2011 payroll.

There's also the rather small problem that Chivas' GM Jose Domene has no idea what Ramos is talking about.

So take solace in that, at least in the twitterverse of Spanish-language American sports media, Marquez is getting shipped cross-country and that we'll only have to see him one more time this season in Red Bull Arena.