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And the Silly Season Continues: Heath Pearce Edition

Welcome to New York?
Welcome to New York?

UPDATED: 1:16 p.m.

Let's watch a pseudo-fact develop and spread through Twitter, shall we?

Earlier today, Heath Pearce, the Chivas USA and USMNT defender tweeted, in the third person, no less, that he had been traded to the Red Bulls. Offending tweet below...

Heath Pearce has officially been traded to the new York red bulls. Thanks Chivas fans for your love during my time here...

A few minutes later we got this...

Excited for the opportunity to join red bull new York. Blessed to have the life and journey I've had so far. Love my life. #blessed

Then, the news exploded all over Twitter...

Well, not quite. It was really just Dave Martinez at Empire of Soccer and Ives Galarcep of Soccer By Ives jumping all over the story. So thanks to them, here's what we "know" thanks to their Twitter accounts.

-Rafael Marquez wasn't at practice due to a "soft achilles."

-This isn't the first time Marquez-to-Chivas rumors have surfaced. A few weeks ago, a reporter for ESPN Deportes said the deal was happening.

-Marquez is, supposedly, "forcing the trade" and Marquez's agent was at practice today.

-Ives said the deal "is happening."

So are the Red Bulls getting Pearce, who would certainly help the team's defensive woes and injury riddled backline? I guess. But these sorts of deals are fickle things, and when the only "facts" are Twitter banter, the best course of action is to wait before putting Pearce in red and white.

UPDATE: Ives is tweeting that it could be Juan Agudelo headed to Chivas, not Rafael Marquez. What is this I don't even.