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No Jide For the Red Bulls

So remember when the Red Bulls signed Babajide Ogunbiyi out of the Danish second divison?

Well, it ain't happening.

As Dave Martinez over at Empire of Soccer reports, the "lighthouse from Philadelphia" had a health issue that the team declined to comment on further. He won't be signing with the team.

Ogunbiyi was connected with the Red Bulls in the winter and was originally drafted by the team. He chose, instead, to go to Europe to ply his trade.

As much as you want to say this comes as a surprise, it really doesn't. Ogunbiyi was signed the afternoon of the Tottenham Hotspur friendly, and the team said he would be available for selection that evening. He wasn't, and didn't make the bench and wasn't available in any of the other games since. On the team's website he was on the roster and then was removed.

All this should go to explaining how the team was able to secure the services of Lloyd Sam. With the league's salary cap, it's unlikely both Sam and Ogunbiyi would fit under the cap. If that's the case, this is a bit of a blessing in disguise for the team, as the void left by Dane Richards is a more glaring problem than the defense (in my opinion).