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Lloyd Sam Will "Wazz All over the MLS," Whatever That Means

Earlier today the Red Bull signed trialist Lloyd Sam. Sam had been training with the team since August 6 and was last with Championship side Leeds United, who loaned him to League Once side Notts County.

The 27-year-old midfielder -- who was encouraged to come to New York by Luke Rodgers -- can play either wing and has been described as "speedy" which makes us think he'll be a more technically proficient Dane Richards. Frustratingly, league policy prevents us from knowing the deal's details.

Aside from the above video and the release from the team, not a whole lot is known about Sam, but thanks to the modern marvel of the internet, and Twitter, we've got some amateur scouting reports from across the pond shared with you below the jump.

The first come from Stu, a Notts County blogger.

The final one comes from TopOfTheKop10, an apparent Notts County fan, student and self-proclaimed "lifelong pessimist" and from whom our headline comes from.