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(Former) Bulls Abroad: Andrew Jean-Baptiste's first (unofficial) start for Haiti did not go well

Fortunately, this match is unlikely to feature in the record books of the Haiti national team.


Former Red Bull Andrew Jean-Baptiste got his first cap for Haiti a few days ago. Congrats, AJB! And now he is also able to say he has had his first start for Les Grenadiers. More congrats, AJB!

Or not. The start came against a Brazil U-23 side in Manaus, and the game got a little out of hand for the visiting Haitians: they lost 5-1.

Oof. Not pretty watching, if you're rooting for Haiti. Fortunately, a match between a U-23 side and a senior national team shouldn't count as "official" for record-keeping purposes. So AJB gets to say he has started for Haiti, and also gets to forget all about this game.

Next up for the Haitians and (we hope) the former RBNY-man in their ranks is CONCACAF World Cup qualifying in November. If AJB makes that squad, be assured you'll hear about it from OaM.