Who are ya?, Time to bring back the MetroStars

First post on once a metro so here we go. Call me crazy but I think it's time for us red bulls to be no longer called the red bulls.I could just imagine your heads exploding as you read this but hear me out. With NYCFC looking stronger and stronger by the minute why do we as red bulls look weaker? Ill tell you why, what the problem is , is that NYCFC has an identity that we don't have any more.hell all of the MLS teams have an identity ex Portland timbers, New England revolution etc.we aren't no team, we are a global marking ploy by the Red bull gmbh company.we aren't new york any thing. We just are the new york energy drink. We used to be the metro stars, what happened to that. At least we had an identity back then and we knew what we were. How many of us red bulls fans could walk around rocking a red bull kit shirt without looking like a billboard for red bull? It's a philosophical question at its core, do you support the team or do you support the drink? It's something our cross town neighbors got right. They are NYCFC, you know what they are, and sooner or later if we don't get our act together we are gonna be second banana to a team that just started playing in the mls. A soccer fan in New York has two choices, either be a fan of A team that has its identity and respects it's roots and building on traditions or be a fan of the new York energy drinks. let me know how you feel in the comments below, I know I can't be the only one who feels this way.

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