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Without a Game, There's Still Plenty the Bulls Can Do this Weekend

A little R and R will hopefully go a long way.

David Ramos/Getty Images

The bye week couldn't have arrived at a more opportune time for the Red Bulls, having gone 1-4-3 in their past 8 games with their last win occurring a full month ago. While there are a multitude of explanations for the Bulls' abysmal product as of late, on-the-field solutions don't appear to be at hand. My suggestion: Enjoy the weekend, then come Monday or Tuesday (I'm not quite sure how practice time works at this level), and get back on the field. There are plenty of things the tri-state has to offer to make the most of your weekend.

"It’s been two difficult environments that we’ve gone into, so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly [what’s wrong], but we need to be sharper and smarter and better." - Jesse Marsch

Go to a show

Plenty of great options on Broadway, but that can be so cliche. Off-Broadway is where the real fun is at, and it's affordable, so even the non-free agency guys can tag along. I would suggest a trip to see "Drunk Shakespeare". From the website:

"Each night in New York, one professional actor has at least five shots of whiskey and then attempts to perform... in a Shakespearean play. Literally ANYTHING could happen."

Lloyd Sam has to have done this once in his life.

Check out the Shore

With water temperatures in the low to mid 60s off the Jersey shore and clear skies predicted all weekend, why not gas up the fleet for a nice drive down 35 to Asbury Park?

It's the laid back version of the shore that you didn't see on TV. Complete with a quaint boardwalk chock full of food, drinks, games, and, of course, music! This weekend the town that gave birth to The Boss hosts Third Eye Blind and Dashboard Confessional. So grab a shaved ice from Betty's and rock on! You might even see Kelley O'Hara surfing around!

Take a Hike

Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey account for almost 213 miles of the Appalachian Trail, and, luckily for us, most of it is flat. Even city-goers can become one with nature via Metro-North. Behold!

A mere 2 hour ride delivers you yards from the trail itself. You really can have it all!

Watch Soccer in it's Purest Form

There are plenty of great semi-pro teams in the area to check out. Our very own Bobby C. painted the landscape of local soccer recently. This weekend is especially great because almost every NY/NJ/CT is playing at home. Even the Red Bulls U23s. So get out there and support those playing for the love of the game. And, most importantly, go outside and play!