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If New York Red Bull players were valued like stocks...

How does the on field value match up with real world stocks?

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

New York City is a major player in the financial world. Aside from all the banks that call NY its home, New York is home to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NASDAQ Stock Exchange. It's with this in mind that we look at how players from the New York Red Bulls are valued. We picked companies to represent some players from the Red Bulls squad, and looked at how their values reflected those of the Red Bull players.

Player Market Symbol Price on 3/6 Price on 7/19 Change Commentary
Anatole Abang NYSE AA $14.48 $10.49 -$3.99 Low production in MLS Q1 & Q2 has dropped his stock. Expct it to rise based on higher expectations in the 2nd half of the fiscal year.
Bradley Wright-Phillips NYSE BWP $16.42 $13.67 -$2.75 While his overall production hasn't suffered, the market demands goals. Helping is not enough. It's time to buy low as an uptick in production is projected.
Chris Duvall NYSE DCM $18.29 $20.15 $1.86 Duvall's stock has gone up due to success in Q1 & Q2 of this year. Expect it to down with him being absent in Q3 & Q4.
Damien Perrinelle NYSE PDM $17.78 $18.73 $0.95 If he was in Glengarry Glen Ross, Perrinelle would be Alec Baldwin. He always closes, has the rolex and gets an award for a 10 minute appearance, except he does this 9 times a day.
Dax McCarty NYSE DMD $5.95 $5.87 -$0.08 Dax has this defensive midfield thing figured out, but the market hasn't caught up to the times. Eventually he'll crack through the glass ceiling as show us how it's done.
Felipe Martins NYSE MFM $6.63 $6.35 -$0.28 He's not at all the creative attacking threat we expected, but he is a much better defensive player than most anticipated. The market sees that as pretty much a wash. For now.
Kemar Lawrence NYSE DKL $43.00 $45.31 $2.31 Being listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange in addition to the NYSE has been a boon for his profile. Expect the stock to see a sudden uptick in value.
Lloyd Sam NYSE SAM $257.93 $223.25 -$34.68 Lloyd Sam is an undervalued asset that has enjoyed a massive increase in profile and value. The market cannot resist selling high, because like a seasonal craft beer, there's a limited shelf-life for a 30 year-old winger.
Luis Robles NYSE RL $131.96 $130.76 -$1.20 Substance is not enough, if Robles wants his stock to grow, he needs to bring out some new Styles on a regular basis to keep the market on its toes.
Matt Miazga NYSE MM $1.54 $1.89 $0.35 The time of the millennials is upon us, and that means new blood. Like most millennials though, he'll probably end up being a walking ad board, so his stock will only continue to rise as he gets his feet under him.
Mike Grella NYSE MG $17.80 $19.26 $1.46 If Grella is good at one thing, it's testing defenses. He can score, he can set people up, and he can find your critical flaws when under pressure. Those kind of skills are not cheap, so watch for his stock to rise.
Ronald Zubar NASDAQ ZU $13.69 $13.93 $0.24 His stock is on the rise, specifically because he has not been active. While he has been off the field, his online shopping has helped the economy. The ceiling on his stock is as high as his spending limit.
Roy Miller NYSE RM $15.64 $16.91 $1.27 He's hardly played for RBNY this season, so we can only assume his modest appreciation is largely down to the efforts of a Gold Cup Assistant Referee to apologize for making him the flimsiest of excuses for Mexico's passage to the semifinals.
Sacha Kljestan NYSE KS $32.39 $24.20 -$8.19 Is it genius or folly to stick a natural #8 in the #10 slot? The market is still inclined to favor the latter interpretation, though we see a correction in the coming months if his recent form persists.
Sal Zizzo NASDAQ SAL $29.59 $31.47 $1.88 It's always good to have a backup in your pocket. Not playing keeps him fresh, which means RBNY can bank on him having legs when needed.
Sean Davis NYSE SD $1.59 $0.62 -$0.97 He's good, but not quite good enough to force his way into the starting lineup over the senior central midfield trio. You might think that's entirely fine for a long term investment, but the market demands quarterly growth. He's not ready to pay dividends just yet, but stick with Davis while his stock is low if you're looking for an investment that could deliver huge returns in a couple of years.

Do you think the valuations are fair? Who's stock will rise and who's will fall? Who's stock would you buy or sell?