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OaM Productions: DC United (still) Sucks

Time to give a classic of DC Hate Week another airing.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Did you miss this the first time around? Don't worry, Once A Metro has your back. D.C. United sucked back in April and still sucks in August.

But don't take our word for it. Friend, contributing editor, gentleman, scholar, creator of #RBNY favorites like "Red Bulls' Day Off" and "Red Bulls Family Matters", and surprisingly enterprising historian, JasonRBNY has scoured the archives to collate the evidence provided by those brave souls who have sacrificed all that is good in their lives to move to DC in the name of leading the executive branch of government and reaching an opinion on the quality of the capital's MLS soccer team.

Separated by decades, political philosophy and whether or not they had any actual awareness of the possibility of the existence of D.C. United, these men all arrived at the same conclusion: D.C. United sucks.

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