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Match Predictions: New York Red Bulls vs D.C. United

Match Predictions: #RBNY v #DCU #NYvDC

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports
Name W/L/D Goals For Goals Against Reasoning
Alex Showell Win 2 1 The Red Bulls looked terrible against Chicago, but the return of Kemar Lawrence and Damien Perinelle will help the defense and allow the Red Bulls to secure vital points.
Anthony Terminelli Win 1 0 I was feeling a loss after the defeat earlier in the week, but I'm strangely positive for this game now. It'll be a tough one, but I can see the Bulls grinding out the three points.
Austin Fido Win 3 1 Throwing off the yoke of pessimism. At least for now.
Bobby Celentano Win 1 0 I think RBNY can scrape a win out of this one, but that task will not come easily against their number one rivals. Robles for National Team, that is all.
Jason Iapicco Win 3 0
Let's Play FIFA Win 1 0
Pat Glodkowski Win 3 0 We will not lose against FC Raccoon United.
Patrick MacDonald Win 2 0
Ryan Dolan Win 2 0 When it comes to New York, I'm still bullish. DC has had to play a couple CCL games in the past month, and that's more than annoying. The Bulls will rely on the depth of their bench to get this done.
Steve Toto Win 2 0 The Chicago game was an anomaly. They'll take this game a bit more serious and stick it to DC.
Truman Win 3 1