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Poll Results: MLS All-Star Game Format Change?

The fans have spoken (but are divided). East vs. West it is.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

First, thank you to the 572 fans that voted in the All-Star game poll.

ASG Format

It seems that 81% of you are ready for a change from the current "MLS All-Stars vs. Guest" format, and 57% of you want to go back to East vs. West, last attempted in 2004.  Since 2005, MLS All-Stars are 7-3-1 against international club teams (they tied Everton in 2009, then lost in PKs).  So I agree, it could be time for a change.

MLS is starting to shed the notion that it is a retirement league and that we can't compete with Europe's leagues and teams.  It seems we are prepared to showcase the talent our league has to offer through a mid-season All-Star game.

However, you seem to be divided what the implications are of East vs. West.  The majority of you say that you want to mimic MLB: give homefield advantage to the winning conference.  A few of the comments strongly oppose this idea.  Here is one of them:

Comment 1

This post isn't meant to start a war.  Just keep in mind that Don Garber and MLS have a lot of thinking to do before they make changes.  But like 81% of you, they are considering a different approach.  I'm open to your debate below.  Stay civil...