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RBR 160: Fire, Revs, Burn

It's been a weird week.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Two games in a week? That means two wins right? Think again. It's a narrow escape from the Fire but a disappointing win by the bluecoats that thwarted a playoff berth. Not to worry though, we can still find the silver lining in most things. The Red Bulls are still on the edge of a berth though as they travel to Portland to cut down the Timbers. Orlando City can also help the New York Red Bulls by not helping themselves. We talk all that and some stupid stuff in this week's edition of the Red Bull Rant.

Musical Credits:

OpeningHappy Rock

Breaks & Closing: True Believers by Bouncing Souls

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WARNING: The Red Bull Rant is a free flowing conversation about soccer that may include adult language or topics. Listener discretion is advised.

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