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Report: Luke Woodland not returning to New York Red Bulls

RBNY needs a fresh crop of trialists, it would seem...

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Recently it appeared the New York Red Bulls were taking a close look at some young players who might have a contribution to make to the club next season. Schoolboy Hassan Ndam, just-finished-school Junior Flemmings, and 20-year-old Luke Woodland, a Philippines international and former Bolton Wanderers prospect - all came for trials with RBNY, each was released with some indication that the relationship might not be over.

Ndam, we are told, will connect with RBNY in the off-season, though he has returned to school, so seems an unlikely candidate for a contract in January. Flemmings, it was said, might be back in 2016. And Woodland was released largely because he had to play a World Cup qualifying match for his country; he too was reportedly being considered for another trial stint.

That is no longer the case. Per Kristian Dyer's reporting for, Woodland won't be returning to training with RBNY. Head coach Jesse Marsch offered a quite conclusive statement on the matter:

We're not bringing him back. So that's that update.

That would appear to be that. Woodland has been called up for the Philippines next World Cup qualifying match - against North Korea on October 8. If you want to see what RBNY may or may not be missing, find a way to tune in for that game (it's being played in North Korea, so it may prove difficult to tune in).

Added to the news that Junior Flemmings has decided he will go to college next year instead of turning pro, and it would appear we're back to square one with regard to the effort to gain some glimpse of RBNY's plans for the 2016 pre-season. No current or former trialists are known to be still on the radar, unless you count the scheduled meet-up with Ndam - though he doesn't seem to be in any immediate danger of signing a pro contract.

The RBNY transfer rumor cupboard is almost bare. Fortunately, there will be fresh trialists and transfer rumors soon enough.