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Report: Hassan Ndam to train with New York Red Bulls in 2016 preseason

The teenager has gone back to school, but he is expected to stay in touch with RBNY.

Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Hassan Ndam's trial with the New York Red Bulls is over, reports Over, for now. Kristian Dyer writes that he is informed by league sources of a plan for the teenage trialist to return to RBNY for 2016 preseason training.

Is there a contract in his future? Too early to say. Ndam has returned to his high school in Florida (which is also a quite exceptional soccer academy). Schools have a tendency to be in session in January and February, when MLS clubs traditionally start gathering for preseason. A few days for training with a pro club ought not to drastically affect his education, but he may not be in a position to turn pro in February or March if he's committed to finishing his school year.

He is, however, on RBNY's radar, and team and player reportedly will stay in touch. Dyer, who has probably watched more Red Bulls trialists this season than anyone outside the coaching staff, has written some encouraging things about Ndam's work in training with RBNY. But we will have to wait until the winter to get a sense of whether the player's future might hold a contract with the Red Bulls.

One thing that could be deduced from the reported decision of the Red Bulls to bring a schoolboy to preseason camp: RBNY may be headed to Florida again for some of its 2016 winter work-out. It is a favored destination for the Red Bulls in preseason. Last year, the team spent some time in Orlando - which is about a 30-minute drive from Montverde, the location of Hassan Ndam's school.