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Rumor: Sean Davis on trial with RB Leipzig?

Is that the sound of synergy?

Elsa/Getty Images

So here is a piece of news we weren't expecting to hear: Sean Davis is apparently hanging out with Brother Leipzig's U-23 team:

And...that's about all we know at the moment.

Before the rumor mill gets too excited, it should be pointed out that Matt Miazga trained with RB's Leipzig and Salzburg during last year's off-season, and he went on to play a full season with the New York Red Bulls (and may yet contribute to RBNY's 2016 campaign).

Davis's appearance was not anticipated by fans in Germany:

Again - Miazga's 2015 training stint was not discussed by Red Bull on either side of the Atlantic until his presence in the joint Leipzig/Salzburg camp was reported. And then we were treated to a difference of opinion between Ralf Rangnick and RBNY as to the purpose of Miazga's visit.

Eagle-eyed Eric Friedlander notes that there may be a gathering of RBNY prospects in Leipzig at the moment - passing on a Tweet that suggests Tyler Adams might be in Germany at the moment.

And we have some not-entirely conclusive photographs of Sean Davis on the field for Brother Leipzig's U-23s:

More news on Davis when we have it. For now, we are essentially reporting that a professional footballer played some football today.