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Jesse Marsch is hanging out in Leipzig

The New York Red Bulls head coach is keeping a close eye on RB Leipzig.

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

The past weekend saw MLS 2016 officially come to a close with a Cup final that will be swiftly forgotten by all but Seattle Sounders fans (and Toronto FC fans for however long it takes their team to produce a more pleasant MLS Cup final memory). The event, understandably, draws the attention of fans, sponsors, and a great many of the players and coaches who make their living in MLS.

Not part of the crowd in Toronto, however, was New York Red Bulls head coach Jesse Marsch.

A couple of weeks ago, most of the RBNY coaching team was spotted watching RB Leipzig. On the day of the MLS Cup final, Marsch was watching RB Leipzig play Ingolstadt (in Leipzig's first Bundesliga loss of the season), says - helpfully providing a picture of RBNY's head coach chatting to (RB Global Coordinator) Jochen Schneider and (Head of RB Global Soccer) Oliver Mintzlaff, as illustration for a piece mostly discussing the rumor that Terrence Boyd is considering a loan move to New York.

And lest you doubt, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung spotted Marsch at RB Leipzig's Christmas party on December 12 (pic #22 in the photo gallery).

Allegedly RBNY-curious Terrence Boyd was at the same party.

Maybe he and Marsch had a chat.

Whatever else RBNY is up to this off-season, the team's head coach is making sure he gets caught up on the latest advances in RalfBall.

We'll have to wait for pre-season to get a sense of how Marsch's adventures might have influenced the MLS iteration of Papa Red Bull's global soccer project.