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Chris Duvall says goodbye

The New York Red Bulls' first pick of the 2014 MLS SuperDraft is headed to Montreal (via Minnesota), but not without first saying goodbye.

Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Duvall's departure from the New York Red Bulls via the 2016 Expansion Draft probably wasn't a great surprise to him, since it wasn't a great surprise to almost anyone else. Nonetheless, it was not inevitable that he be scooped up by one of the Expansion Uniteds: as Atlanta (the team many had assumed would select the Georgia native) proved by picking a different full-back - Montreal Impact's Donny Toia - with its first pick.

It might not have been a great surprise to him that he was quickly flipped to Montreal by Minnesota, neatly filling the gap left by Toia's departure. The trade happened so soon after the Expansion Draft ended, it suggested Montreal didn't need much persuading - and that might suggest, to some, that perhaps the two clubs had discussed some sort of mutually agreeable post-draft maneuvering.

However it was engineered, Duvall is no longer a Red Bull. He leaves the only pro club he has ever known with three solid seasons under his belt. He contributed significantly to winning teams, and has the 2015 Supporters' Shield (and the 2016 Eastern Conference regular season title) to show for it. And now it is time to move on.

In a brief farewell note, he showed characteristic grace:

His teammates and colleagues reciprocated:

As did many RBNY fans:

Perhaps the best any player can hope for is to be fondly remembered by a former club. Duvall played for RBNY teams that won more games than they lost, and he leaves behind many more good memories than bad.

Best of luck, Chris - except, of course, when you're up against RBNY.