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How New York City FC fans used Wikipedia to jinx their team

The gift just keeps on giving.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Wikipedia is a fun place. Most parts of the site are about providing the reader with accurate information about history and the world around us. The rest is about trolling other people. A very small portion of the trolls do a very very poor job.

If you go to the Wikipedia page for "MLS rivalry cups", you'll notice that the page says the New York Red Bulls have 1 Hudson River Derby season win, and New York City FC has the other. One problem though, the Red Bulls' 2 wins in 2016 make them the winner for the second straight year. Below is a snapshot of the page in case it gets changed.


To make things funnier, there's a second table on the page listing the years each team has one. That table wasn't updated to say 2016 went to NYC FC.


It doesn't end there though! Wikipedia has a nice little feature called "History" where you can see when edits to the page were made. So, when did the NYC FC win their first Hudson Derby? July 4th, when only 2 of 3 games had been played so far this year.

So, to you, the brave NYC FC Wikipedia Editor, thank you, for jinxing your team and providing some humor during the dog days of summer.

Credit for this goes to Red Bull Rant listener Chris who sent an e-mail about this to the show.