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Reports: Miroslav Klose rules out Bundesliga return, rumor mill rules in MLS

Our old friend, the Miro-to-MLS rumor, is back.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

In recent weeks, the rumor mill has appeared to be running out of ideas with regard to Miroslav Klose. The most recent suggestions about the 38-year-old free-agent's next move were essentially the three clubs he'd played for before he moved to Lazio (the club he just left): Kaiserslautern, Werder Bremen, and - least credibly - Bayern Munich.

None seemed particularly compelling: the Kaiserslautern gossip appeared largely to be driven by the fact that the 2. Bundesliga club has fond memories of the star striker who made his name there; Werder Bremen distanced itself from rumors linking Klose with the club; the Miro-to-Munich rumor was persistent without ever being particularly convincing.

Much of the speculation was fueled by Klose's own relative silence on the matter of his next move. Bild caught up with the legendary German forward at a charity match and asked him about the rumors of an imminent return to Germany. Klose's answer seemed admirably direct: "No."

Several other outlets have seized on Klose's comments (Bild provides video), and most agree Klose has effectively ruled out a playing return to Germany. For Spiegel OnlineKicker, and several other outlets, the question is whether the German national team's all-time leading scorer will play again at all. They note the player said he had many opportunities to consider, but that he needed to make "the fundamental decision" to keep playing first.

Bild offers quotes to suggest Klose is not at all undecided about whether he will continue playing, just that he hasn't yet decided where he'll play.

Certainly, it seems a return to Germany is less likely than the rumor mill previously believed. So where might Klose go? Kicker returns to an old Miro-gossip favorite: MLS. Sky Sports came away from a chat with Klose with the opinion that MLS or China (another old favorite) were at the front of the queue for his services.

And lurking in that MLS rumor is, of course, the longstanding suggestion Miro has the attention of the New York Red Bulls.

The Klose-to-RBNY gossip has never been convincing, but if there is something there, now would seem to be the time for the rumor mill to bring it forward (again).