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Report: Ralf Rangnick confirms RB Leipzig wants to deal Omer Damari to New York Red Bulls, says deal isn't done yet

RB Leipzig's latest effort to send a player to RBNY appears to be not quite as certain as we might have thought.

Christof Koepsel/Getty Images

No deal is done until it is officially announced. Eagle-eyed New York Red Bulls fans scanning the internet for further news on the seemingly-certain arrival of Omer Damari at RBNY from RB Leipzig found a reminder of this obvious-but-often-overlooked fact of any transfer:

That is a report out of RB Leipzig's training from Anne Grimm for Leipziger Volkzeitung. It is mostly about Ralf Rangnick's general lack of urgency about adding to the current squad, despite the expectation that left back Anthony Jung is on his way to Ingolstadt.

How unperturbed is Rangnick about future transfers? He doesn't even particularly mind if on-the-outs forward Omer Damari doesn't make it to New York. Per Grimm, via Google Translate, Rangnick described the Damari-to-RBNY loan as "an option", noted that the MLS transfer window will soon close (on August 3), and concluded "even if he stays with us, he can play in the second team."

That is close to $1.7 million in annual salary Rangnick is casually consigning to reserve-team football if whatever might be delaying Damari's move to RBNY doesn't get worked out soon.

One suspects RB Leipzig is not quite as carefree as Rangnick suggests about the idea of Damari expensively going nowhere for the next few months. (Or years: he's under contract with Leipzig until 2018.)

More likely: the deal isn't done yet, and Rangnick has been around too long to get caught out making promises he can't keep. (And in the event Damari is balking at the proposed move, Rangnick has made it very clear that the forward doesn't have much of a future at RB Leipzig.)

The Damari loan has been widely reported and repeatedly confirmed - at least as a concept. Indeed, Rangnick himself has now confirmed there is a deal in the works to ship the out-of-favor striker to RBNY.

But the RB Leipzig Sporting Director has also made clear the deal is not yet done. And there isn't a lot of time left to conclude whatever business is holding up the transfer.