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Report: Gerard Houllier still attached to Red Bull Global Soccer

There had been doubt, but Ralf Rangnick says Houllier is still part of the RB Global Soccer set-up.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Last month, Olympique Lyonnais announced Gerard Houllier would be joining the club as "Outside Counsel" from September 1.

It wasn't entirely clear what this meant for Houllier's future at Red Bull Global Soccer, where he holds the title of Global Sports Director. In an interview with Sports 1, RB Leipzig's Sporting Director (a title that undersells his influence over the RB Global Soccer set-up), Ralf Rangnick, sought to eliminate any confusion over Houllier's status at Red Bull:

It is important to clarify: He knows the president of Lyon and when asks him something, he gives him maybe a little tip But there from an official appointment can be no question.

So Houllier's friendship with Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas has been given an official role at the Ligue 1 club, but he remains an employee of Red Bull Global Soccer.

Gerard Houllier is with us and will hopefully still very long, because it is an important partner for us especially in French-speaking countries.

Got it. Thanks for clearing that up, Ralf.