MLS Cup Is Nice And All But....

I can't be the only one who's having trouble trying to grasp why we are only focused on the MLS cup. Hear me out for a second, I understand it's the "super bowl" of soccer for us and I'm all for the Redbulls winning the league but why is it that the satisfaction ends there. I mean we barely bring up the champions league but I honestly feel our side this year can make a deep push in the competition but it's as if it's being pushed aside like it's a charity event with no reward. I even would have enjoyed seeing the guys raise the U.S Open cup but we also didn't put any emphasis on making an effort in that competition as well. All I'm saying is I would like too see the MLS as a whole; not just my guys in Red, put in a better effort outside of the domestic competition and try to build our league up as a major destination for more talent. I also wouldn't mind my Redbulls winning a treble (MLS Cup, US Open Cup, Concacaf Champions League) either and that might be a stretch but call me optimistic.

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