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Orlando City's Matias Perez Garcia suspended for kicking New York Red Bulls' Felipe

Make a note: DisCo got something right.

Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

One of the reasons the MLS Disciplinary Committee isn't of great use is that even when it does its job correctly, it doesn't really help anyone. Should players be punished for on-field bad behavior? Sure. But there isn't much evidence that DisCo's near-weekly procession of fines and suspensions curbs that behavior, and it's arguably (and Once A Metro does enjoy that argument) too inconsistent with its decisions to really eliminate petulance and gamesmanship from the league.

Still, DisCo carries on, and occasionally gets a decision right. In the New York Red Bulls' game against Orlando City on April 9, Matias Perez Garcia slalomed in to Felipe and was tumbled for his trouble. In an impressive feat of coordination, while the Orlando play-maker's upper body was writhing in pain, his legs were exacting revenge on the RBNY midfielder.

DisCo has suspended Perez Garcia for one game and issued an undisclosed fine. This doesn't change the result of the game - the Red Bulls were losing 1-0 at the time of the incident and still losing 1-0 at the final whistle - nor help RBNY in any particular way. Perez Garcia will sit out's OCSC's next game: on April 15, at home against LA Galaxy. The Red Bulls play D.C. United at Red Bull Arena the same day.