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Luis Robles records his 50th shutout in all competitions for New York Red Bulls

RBNY's 2-0 win over DC United was Luis Robles' 50th career clean sheet for the club in all competitions.

William Hauser-USA TODAY Sports

Luis Robles has done a lot of things no goalkeeper has done before for the New York Red Bulls, and if he ever stops doing them long enough for Once A Metro to catch up, maybe we'll list them. Until then, almost all his many records and achievements for RBNY are recorded over at the most remarkable archive of the club's history any fan could hope to find.

Robles has long been RBNY's all-time, all-competitions shutouts leader, but on April 15, 2017, he reached a new milestone for Red Bulls 'keeper: he recorded his 50th all-time, all-competitions shutout for the club.

Rare is the game for RBNY that doesn't require Robles to earn his keep, and the team's 2-0 win over D.C. United was no exception to that rule.

No goalkeeper has come close to that number of clean sheets for RBNY or MetroStars. Tony Meola's career for the club ended with 30 shutouts recorded in all competitions; Tim Howard got to 17. Robles' back-up, Ryan Meara, has returned a clean sheet on eight occasions so far for RBNY.

Robles is 32. No one is expecting him to retire any time soon. He should have many more milestones, records and achievements for RBNY ahead of him. His 50th career clean sheet for the Red Bulls will surely not be his last, but the landmark is testament to his extraordinary and continuing legacy for the club: he is the most consistent and successful goalkeeper the team has even had, back-stopping it during the most consistent and successful period of its history to date.

Congrats, Luis! See you at the next milestone.