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Tim Ream is Totally Going to England This Time

Next, the <em>Daily Mail</em> reports Brian Nielsen to the Milton Keynes Dons $34.72, a bag of balls and some gently used shin guards.
Next, the Daily Mail reports Brian Nielsen to the Milton Keynes Dons $34.72, a bag of balls and some gently used shin guards.

First, it was Arsenal, then it was West Bromwich Albion and now it's Bolton, though at a discount from the £3 million first reported.

The Daily Mail - your top source for Red Bulls fleeing the New York area for England - is now reporting Bolton boss Owen Coyle is set to offer the Bulls £2 million for Ream, the replacement for departing centerback Gary Cahill, whose team is content with a deal, but is feuding with Chelsea over personal terms.

We've been here before with Ream, who, despite a sluggish sophomore year in Harrison is still coveted by Premier League clubs, though the quality has dropped off considerably, from top-of-the-table Arsenal to lowly Bolton, relegation favorites and wearers of possibly the ugliest kit in the Prem.

The Viper's Nest has a good piece on why a Bolton-bound Ream would be a raw deal for both the Red Bulls and the 24-year-old defender, be it Bolton's relegation chances, the chances Coyle won't make to a second full season or the chance that the new coach won't want him.

But, then again, Ream hasn't had nearly the kind of open flirtation Henry has hand with Arsenal. Stuart Holden isn't openly courting Ream the way Arsenal players were Henry and Ream doesn't have a statue outside Reebok Stadium, so the heartstrings factor isn't quite there. The Henry story did prove to have legs, though, and BBC Sport is reporting today the Henry deal hinges on arranging insurance for the striker.

But regardless of what Henry is doing in London, Erik Soler did say outright that Ream was going to be playing for the Red Bulls next year. And Soler's blocked deals for Ream before. We'll have to see if he does it again.