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Dax McCarty on Rafa Marquez

Dax McCarty and his newfound defensive midfield skills were on Extra Time Radio yesterday. There, he was asked about the embattled Rafael Marquez. He responded thusly...

"I think Rafa gets a bad rap in this league. Obviously the fans only see what goes on on the field and then in his post-game interviews, which if I'm being fair to him, I really do think he was misquoted in the whole fiasco that happened with Tim Ream. He's not that type of guy. As I've gotten to know Rafa better throughout this past year I've been on the team he's just such a nice guy. He's very quite. He doesn't say much, he really doesn't say much even in training. And when he doesn't speak up it's always in a very respectful, almost pleasant manner. He's been such a good player for With him being a very good player on the Mexican national team for so long I think he's an easy target for American fans."

The segment starts around 38 minutes in and McCarty is refreshingly honest, so it's well worth a listen.