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Luke Rodgers is Trying to Get Into the Country Again

What if I told you Luke Rodgers -- kept out of the country because he's apparently some kind of terrorist -- had a visa meeting this Thursday at the U.S. consulate?

What if I told you that almost exactly three months ago, Rodgers had a Thursday meeting at the U.S. consulate?

I'll let you take a minute since I just blew your minds, but, yes, Rodgers is trying to get back into the country and add some much needed striker depth to the team.

This seems strikingly smilier to the last time Rodgers tried to come across the Atlantic, with the meetings at the consulate and all that, only this time around the Red Bulls are being way more cautious about statements to the media. For example, after his last Thursday consulate meeting, the team issues an awkward and vague statement on his predicament, which pretty much read something like this:

So after Rodgers got his visa in 2010 something that did not involve the police happened and was not reported, because no one thought much of it and the State Department is now picking up on it?

This time, no such statement. In fact, the team didn't even provide a quote for Brian Lewis' New York Post story, confirming that the meeting was happening. This is all probably a good thing for Rodgers -- and some speculate that if they were able to deal Juan Agudelo they have inside knowledge about Rodgers' appeal -- but as positive as they sounded in March, he was still denied. So you never know.