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Rafa Marquez is Selling His New York Apartment For $4.56 Million More Than He Bought It For, Because of Course He Is

Did you expect any less?

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Mike Stobe

When Rafael Marquez came to New York from Barcelona in 2010, he plunked down $6.39 million for 4,000 square foot apartment on 17th Street.

Since then he's left New York to continue being a petulant child back in his home country of Mexico and today, we get wind that he's put his old pad on the market. For $10.95 million. A $4.56 million mark up from what he bought it for.

Rumor has it that he would've kept the apartment, but that the rest of the building just wasn't on his apartment's level.

(Not really. But maybe.)

Also, given his behavior toward MLS and his teammates, how much you want to bet he complained about having to go to New Jersey to, you know, earn the money he needed to pay for those digs? Because it certainly would've been within his character.

But to be fair to Marquez, after the two and a half seasons he had in New York, I probably would've put the thing on the market way, way earlier...