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Red Bulls, We Have to Have a Talk...

Good to see you guys. Take a seat...


Hey, New York Red Bulls, we've got to have a talk.

This is a soccer ball...


...and this is a soccer goal.


Now stop me if you've heard this one before, but you've got to put the ball in the goal.

I don't think you're stupid, but when you haven't scored in more than 200 minutes, I think a friendly reminder is in order. I've noticed we've done a lot of launching the ball over the goal (Peguy Luyindula) or rocking the ball off the posts (Fabian Espindola), or taking one touch too many (Tim Cahill). That's nice. I mean, you're shooting so clearly you're in a position to score, but the ball has to actually go in.

I know there's been a lot to worry about, the travel, games on turf, a ton of new teammates, a new coach, injuries, etc. so I get that sometimes you can lose sight of the, uh, point of the game. But you guys are better than that. So let's work on that scoring thing.

Anyway, you've got a game coming up Saturday against the Philadelphia Union. I'm planning on being there. I'm really looking forward to it. Just please remember that you need to score goals if you're going to win.

Thanks for listening. And good luck this weekend,