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Report: NYCFC's Jason Kreis kills rumor that was (probably) already dead

Not pre-empting "one that got away" stories. Nope. No, sir.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

At the beginning of the month, news broke that LA Galaxy and NYCFC were making eyes at Bilbao's veteran front-man Aritz Aduriz.

On October 15, as reported by Empire of Soccer, Jason Kreis squashed the rumor by explaining he was not even familiar with the player's name.

Fair enough. But why wait two weeks to kill a rumor? It has been lying around untroubled for a while. What's the necessity to say anything about it at all? Presumably because he was asked about it. For the first time since the story broke, apparently.

In other news, today, October 16, it was announced Aduriz - who will turn 35 in February - has extended his contract with Bilbao. He can now expect to be with the Basque club beyond his 36th birthday.

Oh. Well, good of Kreis to stop the rumor mill's churn just before it stopped itself. We look forward to the next edition of "NYCFC isn't signing a player that isn't available for it to sign."