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Rumor: Paris Saint-Germain's Maxwell looking to follow Zlatan Ibrahimovic to MLS?

Could MLS be due some sort of volume discount on PSG players?

Elsa/Getty Images

If the rumor mill has its way, there will be a strong flavor of French superclub in MLS next season. Paris Saint-Germain appears to be getting ready for a clear out, with several of its bigger names looking at expiring contracts and in need of fresh opportunity. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been regularly touted as a likely recruit to the MLS class of 2016. Ezequiel Lavezzi may yet be offered another chance to consider whether $17 million (ish) is a worthwhile wage for a few years in the USA. And the latest PSG player to join the alleged exodus across the Atlantic is Brazilian defender Maxwell.

Speaking to French outlet RMC Sport, the left back stated this season will be his last in Europe - and he is interested in seeking out a new footballing frontier.

Two things you should know about Maxwell, reader: he plays for PSG and he is a close friend of Zlatan Ibrahimovic. How close? The Brazilian has won 10 major European league titles in the last 14 seasons (two with Ajax, two with Barcelona, three with Inter, and three with PSG) and a UEFA Champions League (2010-11 edition), and his Wikipedia page still finds space to talk up his friendship with Zlatan.

Not without cause: where one man goes, the other tends to follow; all but one of Maxwell's career league titles in Europe have been won with Zlatan as a teammate.

What do you get if you plug well-known-but-ageing player plus PSG plus Zlatan into the rumor mill? MLS!

Outlets in FranceItaly and Sweden have all found a moment to make the suggestion. (And if the latest Zlatan-to-MLS rumor is true, and Maxwell seeks to not just play in the same country but on the same team as his friend: make room for another Brazilian, Orlando City.

Add Maxwell to the growing list of PSG's famous names who might find their way to MLS in 2016.